About Us

We are a Leeds based web design and digital marketing services company working with small and medium sized businesses in the area. Based in Guiseley for over 20 years now we have established relationships which have lasted for many years with local companies who use our services.

Responsive Website Design

All the websites we create are designed to be modern, responsive and work automatically on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. We make sure all of the technology we use for your website is current and constantly updated. If we see new ideas which we think may help you generate more business we will suggest changes as they appear.

Multi Skilled Team

There is a lot of experience in house at LemonPromotions – with over 30 experience in the worlds of print, advertising and design we have picked up many skills on the journey to this point. We continue to learn all the time and keeping up with modern trends is something we pride ourselves on.

One of the key things we have learned over the years though is that usually the simplest solution is often the best solution. This can only come with experience, patience and understanding that there is more than one solution to most customers problems.

We Know Our Strengths

The very last thing we ever want to do is offer customers unachievable results for their budget or time constraints. If we don’t think we are the right team to work with you we will tell you straight away and recommend another company. This isn’t personal, we know our limits as well as our strengths and if on balance we feel unable to help you or your company then you will be the first to know.

Being led down the garden path because you have money to spend is not something we like, either being led or leading – we prefer upfront honesty and professionalism which is all we ask from our customers. You will find us to be loyal, accomodating and understanding.


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