Keep It Fast And Simple

One of the main considerations that Google uses when deciding what importance to give your website is speed. If your competition’s website is faster than yours then it may well be given a higher listing in the search engine results.

You don’t have to blow your own trumpet all the time to get attention, but you should at least let people know you have a trumpet. An effective website will get the message out and the search results you need to create sales.

Finding The Right Solution

We can offer advice for you to find the best and most appropriate online solutions which can integrate with your existing sales and banking setup. You always stay in total control of any of your online banking and sales, we have no need to get involved with any of your accounts or account access.

The most involvement we ever have is to integrate payment gateways with your website which involves code that makes a connection to your bank account so that payments can be managed online.

Payments are managed securely online via a third party provider such as PayPal or a gateway provided by your own bank. Fees are paid to these payment gateway providers and they vary depending on levels of business.

Your Security Is Our Business

Security is essential to us and we pride ourselves on managing websites which are as secure as possible. We make regular backups, scan constantly for viruses and ensure no payments are taken on our servers but are instead managed and taken remotely by a secure and well known payment provider.


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