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Local search and Google are so important and all the major search engines respond well to websites that are designed to be discovered via concentrating on local SEO, for example a plumber in Leeds needs to concentrate his SEO efforts on the Leeds area  as optimising for SEO Leeds results will bring him the customers he is looking for. By concentrating efforts locally and seeing how and why other local plumbers are successful with their local SEO we gain valuable clues and information to make our SEO efforts more effective long term.

A lot of our time is spent getting to know the search engines, and staying on top of what people are searching for is a major part of our job. The most important and consistent way to bring traffic to your website is using effective and well constructed search engine optimisation, this becomes part of your website in the form of well constructed and well written articles. Updating regularly is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as much as anywhere else, content is key as this gives something for the search engines to visit your site for.

There are many ways to bring  traffic to your website, one of the most effective is to pay for advertising online with Google. It’s unfortunate but true that still the most effective way to to get targeted traffic to your website is this way. On a very basic level, to start advertising with Google you simply setup an account online with Google Adwords and provide payment details via a credit card. You provide a daily budget limit which Google sticks to – which is great for your peace of mind.

Google charges by the click so if your advert is clicked 50 times in a day you are charged 50 x click rate. The click rate charged for your adverts is based on the level of competition on the internet for your product. So for example, if you are selling bright pink alligators then you are likely to be charged less for your adverts than someone selling diamonds for example.

Setting up your adverts with Google is a matter of trial and error, but also keeping an eye on the number of searches and similar searches for your product or service is key. Try doing a search on Google for the Google Keyword Tool – make sure when you use the keyword tool that you have the right country selected or you will be researching irrelevant search results in another country.

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