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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation for your website is crucial – do you already have a website but are finding that it doesn’t get the traffic you were hoping for or were told to expect? Do you need help getting higher placings in search results? There is so much conflicting advice regarding site promotion that it can be hard to know what to trust and where to put your promotions budget, and if you don’t have money to spend on site promotion, is there anything you can do?

At Lemon Promotions we are SEO specialists.

While no one can absolutely guarantee to place your site at the top of Google (unless you’re paying for it) we know what works and what doesn’t and how to use your site to its best advantage. We can take a look at the structure of your website to make sure it is optimised for the search engines and investigate online marketing opportunities for your site that you may not be aware of.

Search Engine Optimisation Matters

Every aspect of your website affects a search engine’s response to it. From the construction of the site itself, through to the web-specific copywriting on each page, we can make your website as visible as possible. And, by showing you how and where to regularly update your site’s content, we can make sure you don’t begin to slip down the search results after a couple of months.

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