Woocomerce is our choice when it comes to ecommerce for small to medium sized companies. We like it so much we use it ourselves. If you already run a website based on WordPress and want to add an online store, then WooCommerce is the way to go.

If you don’t run your online presence using WordPress then creating a new website from scratch and adding products can be accomplished in a couple of weeks. When you’re ready to grow as a company and add more products then WooCommerce is ready to grow with you.

Why Is WooCommerce The Best SOLUTION?

Pre-installed tried and tested payment gateways from major payment processors are part of the default install, getting your funds has never been easier.

Adding and updating products is simple, you can even export from other existing product catalogues on other platforms and import those details – which saves a lot of time.

Woocommerce provides geolocation support. Using geolocation you can auto-detect your customer’s location using their IP. This means that you can personalise the offering to your customers from around the world.

Many shipping options are available and can be customised to suit your company setup and requirements.

Auomatically calculate tax rates – setup tax rates easily and apply to specific items as needed.

Manage Your Customers And Orders Online

Everything is in one place – your customers place orders on your website and you log in to the administrator section of your ecommerce website to manage your business. Woocommerce allows you to add customer notes, edit stock manually, mark items you shipped and manage fulfillment in the same place.

Make Your Ecommerce Website Your Own

WooCommerce is incredbly customisable and we can make it look exactly how you want it to. Of course we give advice on the technical side as part of the process of building your eccomerce website, adding lots of bells and whistles is great – but not so good if it slows your website to a crawl and nobody can see it.

We know SEO and Website Design and how to make them work together to make your ecommerce website a success.

We Use WooCommerce Ourselves

One of our own websites TOY ART UK is based on WordPress and Woocommerce, and we are able to manage the store quickly and effectively.

We keep a constant stream of posts, reposts and information posted to the various platforms we use to promote Toy Art UK. The main website has a store where products change all the time (particularly around event times) and has more than 22k followers on Instagram TOY ART UK INSTAGRAM – which we are extremely proud of.


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