What Is A WordPress Website?

A WordPress Website is something you have probably heard mentioned when people talk about websites, but what is it? In the simplest terms it is a piece of software, which provides an easy way to create and manage a website.

We use WordPress for all of our client websites because it’s fast, flexible and simple to update content.

When it first appeared it was described as a piece of BLOG software – a BLOG is defined as:

“a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

WordPress is currently the simplest way to get your website online. If you know how to use a word processor, you can update your own website. Of course you might want to have your website designed to look a certain way for your needs, and this is where we step in.

A Basic Website Is Like A Car Without A Driver

Setting up a basic WordPress website is simple and can be done with a few clicks. Getting your website to look right and work right is more complex and that’s when you need the help of a web designer. You can decide as the customer, the level of control you want over your website it’s design and it’s content.

Should you feel able then we can set your website up so that you can add your own updates. Or just send the content to us and we can optimise your text and images and post to your website for you.

With WordPress you are using a worldwide industry standard which is constantly changing and being updated. As technology changes and updates your website needs to grow and work with those changes.

How Popular Is WordPress?

WordPress is the technology behind 43% of all websites on the internet – https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/cm-wordpress – this is good for many reasons. The main reason being because of this there is a huge team of people making sure WordPress is kept up to date and working efficiently.

A WordPress website can be used for many purposes but the main uses are for e-commerce and online company brochure websites. Your own website can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Modern search engines like Google also needs fast websites that work across multiple devices. WordPress creates stunning optimised and responsive websites.

Is WordPress Secure?

The simple truth is that nothing on the internet is 100% secure and free from hackers’ attention. However if you work with an experienced web developer then the chances of this happening are minimised massively.

If WordPress and it’s themes and plugins are kept up to date then it’s much more difficult to hack. Keeping on top of security updates in the modern world is the key to avoiding being hacked. Regular backups are part of our service, so should the worst happen we can get you back online quickly.

We Will Save You Time And Money

Work with an experienced web designer or web developer who knows how important this is and will manage your updates and make sure the hosting required for your WordPress website is also fit for purpose.

Get in touch today if you have an existing website you need to be managed, or you would like a website you can manage yourself.

Leeds WordPress

We work with customers based in and around the UK but we are based in Yorkshire, Leeds to be exact, and we know how lucky we are to be in such beautiful surroundings. With the Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep we get to step out for inspiration whenever we need to a boost.